Zelda and minecraft videos

Check’em: We’ve done some Minecraft and Zelda videos

Oh, my Poddarlings, what if I told you that not only could you listen to our wonderful podcast but that our likenesses were available via a MODERN AND EXCITING VIDEO FORMAT, too? You would bluster in disbelief, surely? Spit out your cherry cola with surprise? Shit yourself? Well hold onto that belief, cola and spincter, […]

Youtube News

Youtube updates: Watch us!

Hello, brave Shambleers! How fare you? Oh? Well I thought she was getting better? Oh. I see. the tentacles. No, no, please, send my best! Just don’t mention her… Yeah, the beak. Well I’m sure it is de rigeur in Paris but frankly… OK, OK. Yup. Extra trill. OK. Bye! We’ve not been back for […]