Podshambles 56: The Dane Bane

Welcome to the Shamblerace. Wanna go Caster? Jump on my Hot Pod. Then we can win the race and save the community centre or something equally underdoggish.

THIS TIME: After another unintentional hiatus – Podshambles returns with even more fleek (am I using that right?). Paddy has discovered Gilmore Girls and it’s quite literally thrown his life into disarray, Laurie is unimpressed with Faraway Phil, and the under-appreciated duo finally take aim at those that deserve it most – Brewdog.

Is Laurie a conspiracy theorist? Will Paddy manage to launch whatsthecommotion-suntanlotion.com? Are you going to leave us reviews?

The answers to all these questions are contained within – it’s Podshambles 56.

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Keep one eye on your tuckus, and another on your rump.



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