What’s happening in the next month

Every now and then we like to update you, kind listeners and watchers, on the current status of our Shambleplans. When you’re lucky. And we remember too. As it happens we’ve got some pretty damn exciting ideas scurrying around our Podbrains for the month of August, and luckily – for you – we remembered that […]

RADIO – Kate Quinn’s Crazy Quest

Those crazy WYPBoys (WYPBros? WYPBrethren?) are on the road to ruin again, but steered true and away from fire by KATE QUINN, actor and star of stage and screen! Kate is, of course, an old friend, confidante and part-time sous-chef of ours, appearing first waaaaay back in Podshambles 10 (listen here!) She reveals to us […]

Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My Genitals

Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My GenitalsĀ is now OUT! Here’s what to expect: Bread and butter Podding please – and don’t hold back on the Castard! Immediate edit: I’m convinced this counts as a pun. C’mon guys it’s been 42 episodes and I have to be honest I am running on empty when it comes […]

RADIO – A plan B for Rob Sell

The beats keep groovin’ over at Shoreditch Radio – and, more importantly, they’re still letting us idiots hang around and interview people. Laurie and Paddifer are joined by musician (and maybe magician) Rob Sell, better known as part of SLKY and collaborator with Rudimental and China Moses. He reveals how his plan B would be…to […]