We’re on the radio!

It’s finally happened – Paddy and Laurie have been permitted onto the ACTUAL AIRWAVES! We’ve been hosting a show for a few weeks on the mighty Shoreditch Radio, the trendy person’s station of choice, called WHAT’S YOUR PLAN B?, a bi-weekly interview show where we ask hapless guests what they’d do if they didn’t do […]

Podshambles 40: Snake Oil (Season Finale)

Podshambles 40: Snake Oil (Season Finale) is now OUT! Here’s what to expect: The Podifications have been made and the results are simply flabberCasting. That’s right – it’s the end of Podshambles Season 2. Look at how far we’ve all come – it’s actually rather astounding that we’re still here/not dead. So what better way […]