Foals at Glastonbury

What we’re listening to – Glastonbury

Well this week’s been a shitter, hasn’t it? We don’t believe in broadcasting the political debate here at Shambles HQ but rest assured that we’re a little disappointed at the outcome of the Referendum, even though our European Activities will continue at full pace. It’s also been absolutely PISSING IT DOWN in London and the […]

Podshambles 41: Idiotic And Asinine (Live From Sweden)

Podshambles 41: Idiotic And Asinine (Live From Sweden) is now OUT! Here’s what to expect: Whack out your fishing Pod and Cast out your Shamblenets because this voyage has just become overtly bountiful. Correct. Laurie & Paddy are back for Season 3 of the Podcast both previously and currently known as Podshambles. We bring this […]

RADIO – Stewart Pringle, What’s Your Plan B?

We’re finally catching up with some of our previous broadcasts on Shoreditch Radio – this week we take you back to when we welcomed artistic director and theatre critic Stewart Pringle, the lucky sod, who told us about his life-long passion of…building stairs. Outside. Look, if you’ve got a problem with stairs you can take it up […]

Paddy & Laurie chat GoT nonsense on the Throneroom Podcast

Hello my little Podbeans, My, how you’ve all grown! Don’t you look lovely? Would you like a little visit from the Podshambles Inc. Watering Can? I bet you would. Well thirst no longer, my lovelies: here’s a little taste of watery goodness courtesy of the good folks over at the Throneroom Podcast. We were invited […]