Podshambles Episode 54: Weasel War Dance

Podshambles 54: Weasel War Dance

Punch in the shamble-codes, lock on to Podsville, and fire all missiles – it’s Podshambles and it’s WAR.

This week, Paddy and Laurie are acting like goats – so climbing up into rare Moroccan trees to spit seeds at passers by. Paddy is back from holidays to Europe – remember that place? – and has some boozy boner stories, while Laurie just simply won’t believe any of it. We’ve also time to check in with everyone’s favourite fictional mountain elf, Melvin, as he dances with weasel-wolves, enjoys some murder porn and maybe levels up.

Does Paddy understand what an orange is? Is there any hope for Laurie’s schooning school? Will Melvin ever level up? Find out this week on….Podshambles. Yeah.

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May your legs be spindly and your trees a good height for spitting seeds,
P&L xxx

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