Podshambles 41: Idiotic And Asinine (Live From Sweden)

Podshambles 41: Idiotic And Asinine (Live From Sweden) is now OUT! Here’s what to expect:

Whack out your fishing Pod and Cast out your Shamblenets because this voyage has just become overtly bountiful.

Correct. Laurie & Paddy are back for Season 3 of the Podcast both previously and currently known as Podshambles. We bring this episode to you LIVE from some kind of Swedish country haven – exciting stuff, right?

Paddy gets drunkenly emotional, Laurie finally talks about his wanger, and the Shamblemen get down to the nitty-gritty reflecting on their Swedish getaway together. Featuring shiny new jingles!

Brace for impact – it’s Podshambles.

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Tits & Explosions,

Big love,

Paddy & Laurie XX

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