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Hello, brave Shambleers! How fare you?
Well I thought she was getting better?
Oh. I see. the tentacles.
No, no, please, send my best! Just don’t mention her…
Yeah, the beak.
Well I’m sure it is de rigeur in Paris but frankly…
OK, OK. Yup. Extra trill. OK. Bye!

We’ve not been back for a while, admittedly, because we’ve been busy working away at the YOOTYOOBZ for a while! We’ve got lots of treats for you, if you’re interested…

First, our series of ‘A Goodnight Shambles’ – quick sessions where we talk utter bollocks and cursorily paying attention to a game – is up, wherein we play Hearthstone. REVEL as we talk about Paddy’s purple nips, among other treats.

Second, we’ve got some choice highlights from the podcast in the form of CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! By popular demand – well, Nigel and his rabid dog down the pub made a passing comment about it so we thought we would. We’ve already made it up to the ADVENTURE TRAIN, with more episodes shortly to follow.

And, finally, our playthrough of SUNLESS SEA continues, with crabs coming out of our arse and Liam Welton, developer at Failbetter Games, keeping us in check. We’ve had a little break but will be returning with more SOON.

That’s all for now, do SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE if you feel so generously inclined to do so. Also, do email, tweet or carve messages into your flesh if you a) like what we’re doing b) don’t like what we’re doing c) would like to propose some sort of excellent business plan centered around high duck fashion to us.

P&L x

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