E3 Shambling with Ginx TV

Sorry for the short notice, brave Shambleers sent from the year 3000, but we are going to be live streaming coverage of E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo) with the wonderful folk at Ginx TV all of tomorrow night!

We’re due to be presenting a segment covering the Sony conference panel, where the Playstation daddios are poised to reveal info about the next Uncharted game, God of War 4 or even the Last Guardian are expected to be teased, flirted and flashed very briefly from behind a dark curtain. It’s on at 4am until 5am on Tuesday morning, which we think you’ll agree is the BEST POSSIBLE TIME TO BE ON.

We’ll also crop up at various other junctures whenever any of the other hosts get too tired or too embroiled in the latest Hello Kitty Online Adventure updates (which are pretty exciting).

You can join us on the live stream at ginx.tv or via Twitch at twitch.tv/ginxtv from 8pm on Monday – we’ll also be tweeting throughout. Let us know if you’re watching!

Love and snogs,

P&L (not ferries) xxx


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