Podshambles 32: Butt Harp

Totally forgot to post this on the website – a new episode is now out! Sound the shamble-horns and alert the village elders – there’s a fangorious pod-beast on the loose and it’s coming right for us.

Under its fleshy jowls this week: Paddy and Laurie put the Twitter phenomenon that is #100HappyDays to task, share some heartwarming tales of childhood vandalism before catching up with Flagon the Dwarf, Barbossa the Pirate King and Oliver, the other one, in another exciting, unplanned episode of CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE.

The iTunes link is: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/podshambles/id626090689?mt=2

OR listen to it below, through the medium of Acast. They’re rad.

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