Podshambles 33: Shambles & Dragons (Live From A Farm)

NEW EPISODE KLAXON. It’s all gone a bit fantastical this week at Shambleville U.S.A (Pod-ulation: Cast) as Paddy & Laurie take a weekend away together to – you guessed it – play Dungeons & Dragons.

There will be dogs. There will be hangovers. There will be Two-Handed Bearded Axes of Gnoll-Slaying +1. You better get your D20s out as this podcast is about to get critical.

This also marks the start of us being AS REGULAR AS A BOWEL MOVEMENT/fortnightly wank. We will be releasing an episode every two weeks, with you late Tuesday Night/Early Wednesday. Everything is kicking off.

You can listen to it on Acast by clicking below, or alternatively you can download it from iTunes by following this link: Podshambles on iTunes!

Celebrationenjoy, you Shambles. X

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