Zelda and minecraft videos

Check’em: We’ve done some Minecraft and Zelda videos

Oh, my Poddarlings, what if I told you that not only could you listen to our wonderful podcast but that our likenesses were available via a MODERN AND EXCITING VIDEO FORMAT, too? You would bluster in disbelief, surely? Spit out your cherry cola with surprise? Shit yourself?

Well hold onto that belief, cola and spincter, dear Shamblet, for I’m about to rock your world: we are on YOUTUBE and have several exciting new videos to share with you.

First up: we’ve made a foray into tiny, unknown independent hit, Minecraft, which is definitely not already played, recorded and watched by millions already. We have, though, picked up a new and very hard game mode called Captive Minecraft, where you play within a very small boundary that extends only by unlocking the game’s achievements. It sounds weird but makes total sense when you see it in the flesh.

WHICH YOU CAN RIGHT NOW! Check in here with episode one, where we try and make our tiny impact on the fucked up, square-based version of the world:

If you want to gaze upon the other videos in the series, or at least make sure you’re up to date, watch the whole playlist of our Minecraft videos here.

Next: you may have already seen our series of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, the Wii U re-release of the stunning GameCube/Wii title and, in Podshambles LTD’s strictly professional opinion, one of the finer entries in the Zelda mythos. It’s dark and spooky and you can play as a wolf and honestly we’re totally over Linkin Park mum so stop going on at us GOD.

We’re up to episode five of this particularly romp through Hyrule – where we’ve JUST got hold of a sword and shield – so if you’re in the market for a speedy playthrough then, my fine feathered friend, you are drinking from the wrong toilet bowl. If you like hapless adventuring, fun with waterfowl and two gormless idiots in control of it all then TUNE IN.

Start from the beggining here:

And see the new episodes as they come by clicking sharpish on this.

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Love, ducks and all sorts of fuss,

L&P x

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