Podshambles 43: 100% Physical Intensity

Podshambles 43: 100% Physical Intensity is now OUT! Here’s what to expect:

Let’s step up to the Podium and broadCast this mess, eh?

The Shambled-Eggs (Paddy & Laurie // egg friends 4 life) bring you this special bulletin (episode 43) and phwowsers it’s a dingaling. In this instalment: Laurie weighs up whether or not goats are our new best friends, Paddy eats six fabs and is continually surprised by horses, and the two cherubic wangers face off against Harkson, Mammond & Clay – three men who are definitely not based on the former cast of Top Gear.

Throw caution to the wind, flail wildly and die inside – it’s Podshambles 43.

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We need to talk about Kevin,

Big love,

Paddy & Laurie XX

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