Podshambles 46: Weasel Wiggle

Podshambles 46: Weasel Wiggle is now OUT! Here’s what to expect:

Pod guys always finish Cast in the Shamblerace of Life. From now until the end of days – we accept our fate.

This time in glorified audio-mess world: Paddy recalls the true meaning of Bonfire Night, Laurie is awkward at parties and the pair of hapless dreamers discuss who will win the dystopian future tech war. Will it be Frenguins? Or will it be BroBots? You decide (you don’t get to decide).

Pry open your coffins, set fire to the rain and snuggle into your nests – it’s Podshambles 46.

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This is definitely not a trap,

Big love,

Paddy & Laurie XX

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