Podshambles 45: A Stitch In Time Will Kill You

Podshambles 45: A Stitch In Time Will Kill You is now OUT! Here’s what to expect:

Mind your Shamblepockets, as the Castful Podger is on the loose and oh boy does he loves rifling. Yes, it’s an Oliver reference. Deal with it, world.

Paddy makes a life-changing discovery based on a certain American Hip-Hop artist, Laurie delves into the brand new works of a certain Little Wychwell based author, and the bingbongbuddies get a little misty eyed when talking about death. Oh and there’s a gooseboat.

Poach those eggs, pearl that wisdom and run into oncoming traffic – It’s Podshambles 45.

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Stoats & Weasels (armed to the teeth),

Big love,

Paddy & Laurie XX

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