Podshambles 31: I Trust You…With My Wife

A rolling pod gathers no shambles, but a shambles in time saves you big money cash sums.

It’s time for another rollicking good time with Paddy and Laurie as they crawl their little butts into another enormous Shamble-cavern. There’s hi-jinks ahoy and jeopardy aplenty as we undertake not one, not two, not four, but yes, that’s right, THREE quizzes that plumb the very depths of man’s soul! And determine which 2003 snooker player we are. Then there’s just about time to swap some choice book recommendations before Paddy slings his hairy arse off to Edinburgh with barely a “toodle-oo” to speak of.

What a guy. What a piece. What a bit. What a shambles.

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