Podshambles 29: Hold Your Sort Of Horses

Cleanliness is next to Podliness, and Podliness is next to Castliness.

The Shambled-Eggs are back again and they sure know how to be served with toast. Genuinely gasp as Laurie brings you into the 21st century, potentially wail as Paddy continues the tale of Flagon the Dwarf in Choose Your Own Adventure, and aggressively jump as maestro Zac Cole returns to the Shamblewaves.

Fluff the pillows, repair the stairs, buy more towels and do not under any circumstances give those towels to the crabs because as we all now know the crabs are angered by fabric. We just about got away with it last time but I think AGAIN might be pushing it.

Good evening. This is a shambles.

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