Need a loan? Also ham?


But enough of this idle badinage!

Hello – above is an idea that I will one day fit into the podcast but as of yet have not been allowed to as it is very weak and doesn’t really have any content or coherent sense embedded inside it.

But enough of this idle badinage! Again.

It has now been three days and Laurie hasn’t noticed yet. He’ll see – THEY’LL ALL SEE. I’m going to add an artwork page to the site soon. Basically you guys have sent us some amazing stuff (I’m looking at you [name of someone who is omfgerrific]!) and I want everyone to see it outside of us just posting it on twitter (ehem @podshambles) or facebook (ehem the facebook equivalent of @podshambles) because they are shitting brilliant. We’ve got a bunch of postal salmons, a few flagons and even a little menagerie of Laurie & Paddy pictures. They are beautiful. I’d like everyone to know that these pictures get printed (in an internet café – we don’t own a printer but I really wish we did because they are now relatively essential) and get put up on our Shamblewall* where we treasure them daily. Please keep sending stuff as it validates us as people. And they are pretty cool too.

Everyone should read all of these books right now:
All of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (I know it seems cliché but seriously get on it right away because genuinely do it now).
All of Joe Abercrombie’s books (The First Law series, Best Served Cold, The Heroes and Red Country).
The Braided Path by Chris Wooding (currently reading this and it’s fucking great).
Everything by Scott Lynch in The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence (so far that’s The Lies of Locke Lamora, Red Seas Under Red Skies and The Republic of Thieves in that order – all brilliant).
Anything you can find by Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear).
The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Also start reading his new series The Stormlight Archive – he’s only just started it but they are awesome).
The graphic novel series Unwritten by Mark Carey and Peter Gross (I’ve just got into this and am gutted I didn’t get into it sooner).

Also listen to all of these things:
Immortality‘ by Pearl Jam (try and find a live version – trust me).
Rhinoceros‘ by Smashing Pumpkins.
Winter Coat‘ by The Martin Harley Band.
Sleeping In‘ by Postal Service.
Out of the Woods‘ by Foals.
Rooster‘ by Alice In Chains.
Not the Same‘ by Ben Folds (once again – find the live version with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra).
Loro‘ by Pinback.
Farewell to Welfare‘ by Grace Petrie.
Peace and Quiet‘ by Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden.

I’m done ordering you around now, however do read/ear-read (a better way of saying ‘listen to’) all of those things.

I just found a pack of Jolly Ranchers in my desk. This is the best 4.07am EVER! Laurie and I shared a bottle of port** this evening (fancy I know – he treats me right) and Jolly Ranchers are exactly the right thing to consume after fortified wine – we all know this. I’m also teaching a guitar lesson tomorrow, so should probably go to bed. On that note: if anyone wants guitar lessons in London, email us on and I’ll happily teach you. Seriously. Like actually seriously. For an additional fee I will teach 1/3 of the lesson as popular Podshambles character ‘Engine-Room Phil: The character who just won’t die’.

I feel super awesome that my desk is a map of Skyrim stretched over a bit of wood. I’m also relatively pleased with myself that I am sticking to actually doing this internet writing malarkey (Blogshambles?) and I hope you are all enjoying it/not hating it/are not on fire and that it’s keeping your senses busy whilst we do all the groundwork for Podshambles Season 2 and the upcoming YouTube channel ThisIsAShambles. There’s a lot of work to do, and unfortunately two severely under-qualified people attempting to do it.

I’m sure Laurie will also write things on this when he realises it’s happening. He’s much better with words (he has a DEGREE in ENGLISH from CARDIFF UNIVERSITY – WHO FUCKING KNEW?!) and I’m sure will give you everything you could ever want in a text-based format.

Oh we’re also going to start a Shambles Family page that links you to everyone who we love, idolise, cherish and work with to bring you content and fun. These ladies and gentlemen are all brilliant people who are going to have a bit more of an active involvement in The Shambles in the near future – stuff outside the podcast like comics, design, artwork, videos, editing, support and most of all love. Keep an eye out for that – there’s going to be a lot of names contributing to The Shambles. Thanks guys – you fucking rule.

Just remembered – if you are looking for some other podcasts to quench your audio-thirst (?) during this Podshambles drought do check these out (YES IT’S ANOTHER FUCKING LIST DEAL WITH IT):
The YogPod. These guys are huge influences on us, and their content played a big part in bringing Laurie and I together to do Podshambles. They are just phenomenal – genuinely
Adam & Joe (XFM & BBC 6 Music Podcasts). What can I say – they’re Adam & Joe. You must have already listened to them. If you haven’t, you should have and you should feel bad.
Peacock & Gamble. Two of my friends from the comedy circuit who have pieced together possibly the funniest podcast on iTunes. They are heroes.
Gods of Comedy. An amazing podcast that looks into the everything and everything of comedians. Wonderfully produced by our good friend Liam Welton.
Critical Hit. It’s the best Dungeons & Dragons podcast out there, and this is what I’m currently listening to. There are shitting hundreds of episodes and each one is a bloody gem. Get into D&D now. Just do it.

I think I have run out of fuel and jokes. I am to sleep. Thanks for reading – do twitter/email/facebook us if you like us doing this because then I’ll keep doing it and everyone’s happy. JOYJOY.

Big love xx

* a normal wall.

** this does not make us seventy years old or racist.

(Awesome Postal Salmon picture courtesy of Ross James – thanks man!)

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