He’s found us out. The eye of Lauron has seen us and is totally on to us – it was only a matter of time.

So Mr Laurie Havelock* himself has found out about the Blogshambles and is now going to be severely involved**. He approached me this very afternoon, wringing his hands and walking around like David Suchet*** as he went through every meticulous detail of how he came to the conclusion I was the culprit. It was inspiring, impressively deductive and phenomenally extraordinary****. I was truly impressed*****.

The Blogshambles will soon have the voice of Laurie in it’s midst – I hope you are prepared. His words are like risotto: slowly cooked, oozing with parmesan and Italian. Please welcome him as you would a risotto.

I’ve been working on some comics. They will eventually be up on the site for all to see but I need to a. think of a name for them, 2. buy a scanner, and D. make sure they are actually funny. I should have all nine of these tasks finished within the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that. Also what does everyone think of the new site? Coming along nicely, eh? Laurie is the real computer-ferret so he’s going to make it better/actually work as if you look hard enough you will notice I’m really not very good at doing websites. I am also bad at:
– Sitting still.
– Raw tomatoes.
– Using lists sparingly.
– Not doing impressions of my father to people who have never met my father.
– Whisking.
– Kneading.
– Baking.
– Keeping boats the correct way up.
– Anything fragile.
– Correctly identifying certain types of cutlery.
– Quick-fire Haikus.

I’ve eaten far too many Jolly Ranchers and played far too much Vid Dev Tycoon tonight (THANKS TO A CERTAIN LAURIE) and now I must recharge my small but semi-reliable engines in my small but semi-reliable bed. Which is actually fairly large. And never fails to be a bed. It’s basically the opposite of what I described it as. Oh and it is also red.

I wonder if I should sign this off as Paddy? After all, the next one may be from not-Paddy.

Sleep well,

Gregory xx

* Laurie from Podshambles.
** He’s made no promises.
*** David Suchet as Poirot in popular television show ‘Poirot’, as opposed to David Suchet as Sir Nigel Fountain in TV Mini-Series ‘Hidden’.
**** It was actually a very short and simple process with a tremendously small amount of exposition.
***** Exaggeration.

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