Oh wow look at my desk

Is it a blog? We don’t know.

I think this is a blog. I’m not 100% sure. My computer wants to autocorrect the word ‘blog’ which doesn’t exactly fill me with hope. It also wants to autocorrect ‘autocorrect’ to ‘auto correct’, ‘auto-correct’ or ‘autocorrelate’ so we’re off to a really bad start.

I have yet to inform Laurie that I have started writing things on here. Part of me wants to see how long it will take for him to notice. Hey man, how’s it going? If you’re reading this then that means you have discovered me and my writings. Such a shame – I was enjoying our little game of cat and mouse. OH THE GAMES WE PLAY LAURIE. Do you remember when we used to listen to Flogging Molly, drink gin and argue about whether one day one of us would write something on a public platform for all to read but actually it would only be directed at the other one? THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

I sort of feel like horse-lady from Sex & The horse-lady when I’m writing this. I feel like it should convey a message and neatly tie off everything we’ve learnt this terrible, terrible week but I don’t think we have learnt anything. I just learnt that the word ‘learnt’ is the same as the word ‘learned’, but in the UK we use ‘learnt’ more often. You learnt something new everyday. Oh how I learnt. LEARNT. LEARNTLEARNT LEARNT. It’s lost all meaning now.

I don’t really have any Shambles news other than Season 2 continues to draw nearer, and we opened conversations today with a certain group of certain people about doing a certain exciting thing (in case you can’t pick up on my intended inflection in that sentence whilst you read it, it was supposed to be really sexy and stuff) and oh dear I’ve genuinely forgotten what I’m talking about. Writing about. Whatever. OH YES cool stuff ahead, but I sort of don’t know what it is or when it’s no I’m sorry I’ve forgotten what I’m doing.

Genuinely forgotten my point now. Um. Yeah.

Is it a blog? What have learnt we learnt learnt? Goodnight.

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