January Shblamuary.

A big hello to all of you who are the Shambles.

We hope you are well – we miss you. Laurie and I have decided to start doing regular posts on the site. At the moment it feels a bit like a vehicle for the podcast (which, in theory, it is) and we want to grow out of these tiny egg wings and have them hatch into fully blown big web wing things like bat-dragons.

Basically a lot of Shambles things are going to be happening soon and we want the website and YOU THE COMMUNITY (oh yeah) to be prepared. I’m writing it because Laurie is asleep and I’ve had a sudden wave of ‘let’s do everything now’.

Season 2 of Podshambles will be starting soonish. We took a bit of a break over Christmas/New Year/Laurie’s Birthday/My Birthday/January-so-far but the past few weeks have been laden with late-night pub visits to work out what we’re gonna do this year. And it’s gonna be big. Keep watching this space to find out what’s going on. Because we’ll do it all here. And on twitter. And facebook. And the podcast. And youtube. But remember it will be here too.

So hey Shambles. Don’t eat too many bees. Or honey. Because bees need honey. Or something. And don’t recite Foucault at strangers. Or buy trousers for a while. Actually all clothes – don’t buy clothes. Or bite things that shouldn’t be bitten. Like birds. Do, however, listen to Eels. And Pearl Jam. And Smashing Pumpkins. And watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. And convince people you work for Wizards of the Coast, then crush their dreams. And build guitars. Then play them. Then neglect them, then rediscover them. And always remember…

You are a Shambles.

p.s geese lolololololol

p.p.s not but seriously this year is going to be bloody great.


p.p.p.s In downloading the image to use on this post, I am proud to say my laptop said ‘beakerisfuckinggreat.jpg is already in use’. beakerisfuckinggreat(1) it is.

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