Podshambles 17: Hurricastoween

We didn’t see it coming. No-one saw it coming. A warm summer, a calm autumn, but then…then the Shamblewinds came. And Shamblewinds show no mercy.

Paddy and Laurie battle it out against the forces of nature the only way they know how – indoors. How will they survive whilst the others succumb to WIND MADNESS? Will Paddy’s driving lesson be enough to save the future of humanity/transport? What happened to Laurie at Nandos in an unrelated event? Will they remember it’s also Halloween? You will have to listen to find out. Although yes they do remember it is Halloween and tell some home-brewed terrifying tales of tumultuous terror accordingly.

Download it now. For free. And then subscribe. For free. Can you believe it?! Yes. You can. Because that is the nature of podcasting and you are all more than aware of how it works.

Now let’s get a combination of spooky and windy. It’s Hurricastoween. Enjoy the 5401 seconds of pure unadulterated horror-fun.

Still no apostrophes. Never mind.

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