Podshambles 16: Carrot Club (with special guest Jay Foreman)

Well, one’s a lonely wash, two’s a shower and THREE’S A BLOODY SHAMBLEBATH. Yes, our numbers swell by one this week as we welcome honorary shambleer Jay Foreman – eminent musical comedian, bon viveur, raconteur, boulangeur and all-round swell guy – to withstand an hour of our nonsense. We enjoy some songs, chat and WAIT HOLD UP, WHO BROUGHT CARROTS? Suddenly, the episode has taken a turn for the better. Laurie discusses his ideas for a perfect ice cream house, Paddy gets greedy with the utensils, and Jay remembers an ill-fated school project. Get your tickets from the strange man at the back of the Shamblecarriage, it’s going to be a pretty bewildering yet oddly comforting ride.

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