do you see how old?

Podshambles 15: Dial-Up Golem

Gee-whiz, those Shamblebears sure do love their honey! Watch as they Podfrolic through the beehives, snuffling up the last bits of Castnectar from the bee-nests. Paddy brings out the TOME OF DESTINY and the happy-go-lucky Shamblescamps dive head first into a pool of Choose Your Own Adventure. Yes, you heard right – it is BACK. Laurie finds himself reliving the old days with Flagon, Paddy tries to do too many voices whilst sticking strictly to his limited vocal range, and the fun-lovin’ pair battle their way to the wholly satisfying conclusion of The Cave of Captain Jack Bastard. Please keep all hands and belongings inside the carriage because this ride just got dangerous. Neo Bahamut dangerous.

This Podsatchel is ninety minutes long as you have all been very patient and kind.

Apostrophes, iTunes. Apostrophes.

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