Podshambles 14: Flatties

Buckle up your Shambelts and hoist up your Podsails because this trouser-boat is bound for unCasted Territory. Paddy reveals his beef with weevils, Laurie lashes out at society for a general lack in Bernard Matthews based knowledge, and the two Heroes of Time (Laurie and Paddy from Podshambles) discuss their grand plans for Grunty Pig and Battlegoose. The possibility of Shambles Merchandise looms on the horizon and everyone gets a little bit over excited – so excited in fact that the pair only realise they have left out a rather insignificant sound effect from the final episode edit after they have initiated the episode upload. They argue over the best way to insert the effect for just over an hour, forgetting the original purpose of the discussion and only realising the effect is still missing whilst they are writing the iTunes description for the episode. They are now too tired to do anything about it and have sort of made peace with the absence.

Quick update: The apostrophes are still missing from the iTunes descriptions – a fact that made me genuinely miss a train because I was imagining how I would explain myself to a court of law if I was charged with DESTROYING ITUNES.

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