I mean look at him.

Podshambles 13: Bumgoblins

The Shamblesharks are circling once again, drawn to the scent of Pod-blood in the Cast-ocean (I meant for that to sound less disgusting, but it’s clearly too late to change it). Anyway, this week our intrepid young Shamblodytes find themselves back in each other’s company after a hearty adventure-filled Scotland-induced absence (Paddy went to Edinburgh and then came back). Laurie has what can only be described as an existential crisis over whether Borrowers need passports, Paddy gets censored as he lashes out at misogynists, and the pair finally reveal how Bumgoblins affect their daily routines. They haven’t seen each other in a while, they are slightly half-cut, one of them isn’t wearing a hat – are you darn-tooting ready?

In other news, apostrophes still aren’t appearing in the descriptions of our episodes and it’s beginning to destroy me.

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