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Podshambles 18: We Really Need To Talk

Pop down to the Shamblebakery and pick up a Podloaf and five Castbagels because it’s gonna be a long night (and to get through it you will need loads of bread). The return of the fabled ‘Podshambles’ is upon us and boy oh boy is it tasty. We begin with the heavily debated subject of PS4/Xbox One/Beef before stumbling blindly into the highly anticipated Aikido section. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. Keep your eyes peeled and your shins broken for hot-off-the-press information regarding which video game character Laurie most resembles, whether Paddy can indeed challenge the impossible and of course whether two men can indeed replicate 26 musicians in just under 14 minutes.

It’s a Shambletracheostomy – did you bring the biro?

Still no apostrophes? Really? Does anyone even READ THIS?

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