Shambletracks: Sharon Van Etten is better than lots of things.

OH LOOK. IT’S ME AGAIN. HOW PREDICTABLE. Paddy is back on the mic and when he rocks the mic he rocks the mic right* – and don’t you forget it pal, because woah hey here I am and with me I’ve got both Tony & Guy. In my head that whole intro bit sounded really […]

Shambletracks: Lovecraft In Brooklyn is my jam.

“A new day, a new Shambletrack” as the really really famous saying definitely goes. Wow guys it’s been a crazy ride getting here but we made it. When we started Shambletracks back on January 21st 2015 we could not have imagined this kind of runaway success – it’s just been amazing. Thank you all so […]

Or just stupid and youthful


We hope you like the picture. It is of us aged about 16 when we were carefree young overambitious little ‘uns. Here we go. It’s the wee hours of Saturday morning. A buzzard floats aggressively past the window, the distant moan of a capsizing boat ululates across the dense expanse of London, an eagle is […]