Or just stupid and youthful


We hope you like the picture. It is of us aged about 16 when we were carefree young overambitious little ‘uns.

Here we go.

It’s the wee hours of Saturday morning. A buzzard floats aggressively past the window, the distant moan of a capsizing boat ululates across the dense expanse of London, an eagle is born somewhere – and all alone in a little wooden (not wooden) house (flat) two chimps sit wrestling over the final Salt ‘n’ Vinegar chipstick. We are those chimps. Those chimps have just realised they have a small amount of free time tomorrow afternoon. They know what they must do.


The metaphor is clearly self-explanatory but JUST IN CASE FOR THE SLOW ONES Laurie and I will be starting actual work on Podshambles Season 2 tomorrow. Actual actual work. Like hosting sites, ideas, new music, perhaps even a little warm-up recording. It’s been two months now since the built-in microphone of my laptop had to deal with us but soon that absence will come to an end. Although technically it will continue, as we have an ACTUAL MICROPHONE now. That’s damn fucking right. It’s still only one mic – we’re not ready for this dual audio stereo two-mic caper that the big dogs use. It will still basically be the two of us sat in the same place as always, but this time with a high-quality microphone (oddly shaped like a sort of…chrome…bollock) sat in between us. BOY ARE WE STOKED. We’re genuinely stoked. I haven’t got to use that word in a while but now I’m doing it and don’t you try and stop me you toadbastard you.

You’ve all been very patient, and that’s marvellous and hugely appreciated. Podshambles will be back soon, and with it will come storms and plague and naughty prophets. Or similar. Does anyone have anything in particular they would like to see in Season 2? Or something they wouldn’t like to see? Or hear, perhaps more appropriately? Or actually see, perhaps also appropriately (lolyoutubechannelcomingsoontoolol)? Or is everyone happy to basically just let us do whatever we want again? Do tweet or email us, you know all of this by now but just to reiterate it’s @podshambles on twitter, or podshambles@gmail.com. Wow I haven’t written those in a while. This is going to be seriously fucking fun.

Oh also has anyone read Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick? And if so is it good and should I read it? Sorry that’s an aside.

Here is a sequence of hastily constructed haiku to make this post have haiku in it.

Is haiku plural?
Or was that my first mistake?
I sure love haiku(s).

A penguin shits ice
Literally everywhere
Poor penguin, cold arse.

Laurie is asleep
Little does he know, I’m there
Trimming his beard.

HOw mAny DuCKS noW?!
ThaT IS FAr tOo MANY ducKS!!
throW AwAY the DucKs.

I’m ending this blog
Right here, right now, with this:
Podshambles cometh.

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