Shambletracks: Sharon Van Etten is better than lots of things.


Paddy is back on the mic and when he rocks the mic he rocks the mic right* – and don’t you forget it pal, because woah hey here I am and with me I’ve got both Tony & Guy. In my head that whole intro bit sounded really very brilliant but now that I look at it I don’t think it comes across in the same way on a page as it does in a funny voice with actions and so on.

So as Laurie III (Duke of Snug) outlined, we’ve been hungover. And there is now confusion. I think I was meant to release this last night? I have no idea. Maybe Laurie XIII (Earl of Cuddles) will do another today. We have no idea. We’re on track though – right? GET IT. ON TRACK. CAUSE OF TRACKS. OH GOD I AM SO ALONE.

Anyway, today I have chosen the sound of Sharon Van Etten. Laurie sent me this about a year ago and I’ve been hooked on her ever since – she’s just brilliant. I had a real struggle trying to choose one track to show you, but the beauty of Shambletracks is that I can just do another/I have to do another. I have something like 26000 songs on this laptop, so after roughly 142.368240931 years you will have heard all of them. And that’s assuming Laurie and I never have any musical taste crossover. Oh God.

I’ve decided to show you ‘Give Out’. It was a toss-up between this, ‘Serpents’ (as heard on The Walking Dead OST), ‘Peace Signs’ (which reminds me of ‘Disarm’ by Smashing Pumpkins in a big/good way) and ‘I Know’ – along with all her other songs. I really really had to think about this one and I hope I’ve chosen wisely. The song is (to me) about finding love and losing it (but isn’t everything these days). Following someone to the ends of the earth only to have to make the return journey alone. Wow that sounded more upsetting than I meant it to.

Give it a listen and see what you think – it’s pure and haunting like a good-natured spectre who has just cried for an hour.

Also this may be against the spirit of things, but check out her acoustic version live on the KEXP Pickathon. It will hopefully blow you away. I’ll put it here:

Well that’s it from me today – keep on being great people.

Big love,

Paddy XX

*You should see me do it. It’s genuinely quite astounding. Some even say that if you’ve got no love then you’re with the wrong man (and therefore) it’s time to move your body**.

**Especially if you’re struggling with attracting a partner but your main buddy/pal is really good at it. Maybe you should…dance?

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