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RADIO – Zac Cole’s Culinary Crusade

Who knew that we’d still have a show on a legitimate radio station after all this time? Shoreditch Radio still have time for us and our show, WHAT’S YOUR PLAN B, every Friday and the guests keep on coming. We’ve also just moved to some very fancy new studios in Stratford, so hold onto your butts for slick, flawless radio…

This week’s guest is beloved all-time Shamblefriend Zac Cole, who you may remember wrote a few posts for us on music last year and has appeared on several podcasts.

He tells us about his plan B, to be some sort of max level chef-wizard with extra points in VEGETABLE ALCHEMY, plays some big tunes and weighs up being Childish Gambino’s tour manager. Press play below or click here to listen!

Don’t forget you can join us LIVE every Friday on at 12PM for the latest episode, or find the whole archive on Mixcloud.

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