Toast make yes

Podshambles 23: Hallowangover

The Podghosts arise from their Castgraves to wiggle their Shamblebums to funky funky beat. That is correct – it is Halloween. And Paddy is very, very hungover.

Even as I write this I am not yet fully recovered. I mean seriously. This is the longest and worst hangover I have ever had. Anyway…

LISTEN as Laurie talks beards, GASP as Paddy struggles to explain toasters, and COMBUST as the Shamblerangers recreate the Halloween Specials of Friends and Thomas the Tank Engine. There were some massive sound issues that were entirely my own fault because I’m a danglewangle – my apologies, I think I managed to sort most of them though.

Lock the doors, Clancy. Close the windows, Miranda. Pipe down, Jeff. Reimburse me for those trousers, Samantha.

It’s about to get dreadful. Again.

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