Podshambles 10 (Part One): Sexy Friends

Shambledee and Shambledum return with something that can only be described as ‘alarmingly sexy’ for your audio pleasure-tubes. This wedge of Shamblecheese marks the tenth anniversary of the podcast, so we have assembled some rather special sultry guests for the occasion! Paddy and Zac reveal that Laurie was probably born on ‘Bear Island’, Laurie and Chris explain the newfangled concept of ‘Football’ to Paddy, and of course your two overexcitable hosts discuss why ducks are sexy and Cardiff is not. Bring staples, remain stationary, it is going to be charismatically muddling.

NOTE: iTunes keeps deleting all of the apostrophes in our descriptions. I just thought I would let you all know as it is really annoying me.

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