It’s like Podshambles Season One but again and different.

Season Two (of Podshambles (the podcast we do (we being Laurie and I (I being Paddy (you guys probably already know this))))) is now underway-underway (as opposed to simply underway) and the parentheses are quite simply out of our control.

We released Podshambles 22: Meet The Klumps the other night and it was only then I googled it and realised the film may not in fact be called Meet The Klumps. Sources differ, of course, but it normally comes up as The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. Turns out the first one (The Nutty Professor) is a remake of the 1963 hit film ‘The Nutty Professor‘ starring Jerry Lewis and co-written with Bill Richmond.

Nail-biting stuff. Truly.

Anyways here I sit with a massive list of stuff on the Shambleagenda. The Shambleagenda is basically a notebook with a space invader on the front cover, and it contains all of the things we eventually wish to achieve when we have the time. Is that time now? We hope so. Everything is just so fucking busy. We have kids to support you see (this is a lie) and there’s only so many winters Tunk and Bungy (our fictional children) can make it through without chorizo on the table and wine in their glasses (also our fake children love cured meat and alcohol – apparently). Just so you guys know the score, you know?

I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the new stuff. As you can tell we’ve redone the editing a bit, sorted out some of the jingles and got some better sound equipment. This does sort of fill me with hope, as although it has taken us about 18 months to get to this point we now have far more time to play about with Podshambles and plan the rest of This Is A Shambles (that’s going to be the collective name for everything we do and everything this becomes). We now have thousands of listeners, more ideas than is useful, and a degree of whatever the podcast equivalent of street cred is. I feel we’ve said cool stuff is on the horizon a million and one times, and each time we say it with more confidence. This is nothing but a good thing. Cool stuff is on the horizon.

Oh wow I’ve just remembered it’s the new season of The Walking Dead tonight. That is going to be fucking excellent.

Anyway, we’re going to try and be far more in touch with you guys as of now. I know most of us speak on Twitter and Facebook and whatnot and hoohah and bimbam, but it’s rare for Loz and I to maintain any kind of true consistency on those platforms. We’ll try harder, because at the end of the day we love you guys and you make this podcast what it is. I mean in all honestly it’s a fucking Shambles, but that’s awesome and makes us smile. We wanna hear what you guys want. We’ve had a lot of suggestions to do a youtube channel with gaming videos and this is something we’re following up. As we speak I am buying a bunch of screen-capture software and a ton of games we want to play and record for you guys. We may start with Minecraft, which I know is a path much trodden, but fuck it. I’ve never played it before. I want to learn how. Laurie has played it before. Laurie desperately doesn’t want to have to teach me. IT’S A PLATINUM IDEA CLEARLY.

But yeah. We’ll move on to doing some more stuff after that. I really want us to try some radio slots and maybe organise some kind of annual Shambleholders Meeting. I think that would be cool. Also I think we need more cannons.

Moving away from that and more into the shit I normally talk about, I just finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and it’s stunning. Read it. That and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Which is also a bloody treat.

I should really stop writing now as I still have a shit-ton of work to do, but there you have it – a post.

A post to remember. A post to forget.

A post in the darkness and a post in the light.

A post to rule all other posts, as the glistening autumn moon casts it’s influence over us like ripples in a mug of old tap water.


Oh and also I got bitten by a duck the other day (can things with beaks…bite? Or is there another word for it when they don’t have teeth? Like nipped or tweaked or something? I’ll check it out guys – don’t worry) and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I also found my hat, which I know sounds like a very minor detail, but I have been distraught. This hat has been with me through thick and thin with it’s gentle woollen grace and I’ve missed it dearly. It was under a pile of pieces of paper, onto which I had written ‘OMG DON’T MOVE THESE PAPERS’ so I didn’t think to look there. I also have no idea why I would write that on what is effectively 290 sheets of blank A4 paper sat inconveniently on the floor in the middle of my room. Sometimes I am a dick.

We love you, all the best, be sure to buy more feathers.

Paddy & Laurie XXXXX


One thought on “It’s like Podshambles Season One but again and different.

  1. Little Brother…you and Loz and the Shambles of Pod are just awesome. I can hear you talking as I read!!! And I’m glad you found your hat, as this was obviously a dark time for you without your old buddy. I’m surprised it didn’t have to be surgically removed when you went on holiday. Or maybe it did? Either way, you wear it in my book, so you mustn’t be without it. Is your hair still longer than mine?

    Anyway, must go, no people to see but plenty to do…I’m painting today. Yes, painting. A room, not a work of art..

    Love to each, Sistro xx

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