The goose is loose, and your goose is cooked – Ball FM is both enhancing and ruining radio for everyone, everywhere.

Paddy is home from the land of Scotlandland, Laurie has found his vintage photograph of former Filipino defender Ziggy Tonog, and the balls fall mainly on the walls. In short, little Podcherubs are taking flight into the Casterlife and you should now be receiving DAILY UPDATES from the fantastically ill-prepared presenters over at Ball FM. These guys are here to ready you for Podshambles Season 2, which is coming imminently like we always say it is. Except this time we mean it – Podshambles S02E01 is sitting on my desktop ready to be uploaded and released. Thank you all for your unending patience and faith in all things shambolic.

So ready your pangolins, lift up your pangolins and settle down your pangolins:

Pangolin pangolins pangolin, pangolin.

Pangolin pangolin; pangolins pangolins.


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