Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My Genitals

Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My Genitals is now OUT! Here’s what to expect: Bread and butter Podding please – and don’t hold back on the Castard! Immediate edit: I’m convinced this counts as a pun. C’mon guys it’s been 42 episodes and I have to be honest I am running on empty when it comes […]

E3 Shambling with Ginx TV

Sorry for the short notice, brave Shambleers sent from the year 3000, but we are going to be live streaming coverage of E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo) with the wonderful folk at Ginx TV all of tomorrow night! We’re due to be presenting a segment covering the Sony conference panel, where the Playstation daddios are poised to reveal info about […]