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Podshambles 20: The Season Finale

Do you remember those halcyon days when we were but mere Shamblings? Oh how we used to Podforage for Castmorsels without a care in the world. But those days are gone. We are now fully grown Shamblers – and boy oh boy have we come a long way.

Join us (like normal) as we round off what we have decided to call SEASON ONE in style. Things are getting pretty bloody festive at the Shamblegrotto as Christmas falls on us, so expect potentially unwanted messages from possibly forgotten/underwritten characters, Laurie getting talons, Paddy discovering D. Coy Duck, Engine-Room Phil singing a little Christmas song, George R.R Martin coming clean, Santa getting lairy and aggressive, other things happening which may or may not be in the podcast (EHEM THE SHARK-DARTS BIT EHEM) and of course some genuine thank yous and smiles for everyone who has supported us this year. LOL WEVE BIN NAKED DA HOLE TIME LULZ WE R SOO ROFLIN ATM.

But seriously – Thank you all. We hope you enjoy the Season One Finale. We will see you in Season Two which will actually be really soon. In dog years.

Paddy & Laurie (the ones from the show)

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